Golf Tips For The Beginner

If you have been contemplating golf and whether or not to start taking it up, we would love to encourage you to. If you feel intimidated by the professionals and how great they can make their shots, don’t sweat it! Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was their talent. You need a place to lay down a foundation so let us aid in this process by providing you with some golf tips for you beginners.


* You will probably want to start everything off at the driving range. Get a feel for the clubs, your stance and most importantly the correct golf swing. Don’t worry about perfecting everything here all at once. Just remember, you’re just getting a feel to start out.

* Some would suggest that you take private lessons but that can get pricey. Instead, why not go to people who know the golf basics and etiquette of the game and let them enjoy some outings with you while you learn? It might cost you the price of a beer or a soda, but what the heck right?

* When you are ready to start getting a little more serious, you will first need to master the art of the grip. If anyone ever told you that the grip is an essential part of this game, they were right. You will need to learn such grips as the overlapping grip, interlocking grip and ten finger grip. You should remember to keep your grip light on the club you’re using with about 50% power as you hold it. As well, when you take your stance, be sure to grip the club in front of you to ensure that the face of the club is square, not open or closed.

* Hopefully you had a good golf teacher that hasn’t fallen for some of the golf swing misconceptions that are still floating around after all this time. Some of these myths mentioned are to swing slowly, keep your left or right arm straight and keep your head down. By listening or taking these bad tips too literally it can have a negative effect and not a better one as it was intended.

* Putting can be tricky when you haven’t practiced enough. You should put aside a good fifteen minutes for putting during each session of practice that you take. When you do practice, instead of starting far away from the hole and working yourself closer, do the opposite and start close, slowly moving back.

* The next small art to master is the positioning of the tee. When using most clubs, if you decide to use a tee then only bring it out about half an inch from the ground. By doing so, you will be placing half of the ball above the crown of the club. When on a fairway that has woods with bigger heads, the tee will need to be placed a little higher.

When using clubs such as your irons from about 3 – 6 you should have your tee up only 1/4 an inch. As the clubs climb higher up to your wedges, push the tee down slightly more for each one.

* On the subject of golf clothing, our tip is to not necessarily follow the older trends of clothing. Keep it simple – regardless of what others say – and wear what makes you comfortable but yet will resemble a little something that a golfer might wear.

* Obviously there isn’t enough time and space to write up the many more tips available. But we’ll close by saying that as you continue to learn the great game of golf, always relax and have yourself a great time while doing it.