Common Golfing Myths Debunked

Have you ever tried listening to golf advice and it completely destroyed your game instead of improving it? Yes, I’m sure many of us have been there more than once. This is why we’ve composed a small list of golf myths that need to be exposed for what they are. Unfortunately this list can’t bring back all those games you lost because of bad advice, but it just might prevent you from losing more of them in the future.


You Should Stay Behind the Ball

The first myth we would like to dispel for you is against those telling you to stand behind your golf ball. The origins of this misconception cannot be fully known but what we can say is that by following this horrible advice, you will be putting unwanted strain on your back and it will cause problems in your swing. Instead of doing this, you should allow your head to direct your upper body through the downswing and toward the target on impact. 

You Should Stick Your Right/Left Arm in Close to the Body

This will all depend on which way you shoot but the principle is the same and should not be followed. It’s true that carrying out this tip does look nice but there will be a price to pay for appearance as it will limit what you can do with your club. More specifically, doing this will bring a limitation to the arc in your backswing which will result in much diminished power while synchronization of the body and arms will be nearly impossible.

You Should Keep Your Head Down and Still

As much as some may think it makes sense not to move your head while having it down at the tee, this is just not right. In fact this can be dangerous and damaging to your stroke, as it will confine your pivot as it obstructs your lower body movement and may cause you to sway and slide while creating tension for you.

You Should Always Aim at the Target

Call it a myth or call it bad advice, but one thing it is for sure and that’s confusing. This is because it is not specific in explaining which part of the body you are supposed to aim at a target. Many people choose to aim the feet, shoulders, knees or hips at the target and it leaves the face of the club adhering to a line straight for the target. The correct way to aim for the target would be to have the leading edge of your clubface situated at the right angle where it can straightaway face the target line. At the same time your body will become aligned at a parallel-left of the track line. Following this setup will much resemble an alignment like train tracks.

You Should Always Turn Your Hips and Shoulders in the Swing

People are mistaking the word “turn” here for “pivot” in this myth. The pivot movement is identified as a movement around a fixed point. When performing your golf swing you should be pivoting around your spine at the same angle as your spine is inclined to the ground. The bend you make in your swing will come out more as a pivot rather than a swing. Posture will be lost if you try to turn on a more horizontal axis to the ground. To do the pivot correctly you should be moving in such a way as to generate a “coil” rather than a turn.