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Common Golfing Myths Debunked

Have you ever tried listening to golf advice and it completely destroyed your game instead of improving it? Yes, I’m sure many of us have been there more than once. This is why we’ve composed a small list of golf myths that need to be exposed for what they are. Unfortunately this list can’t bring back all those games you lost because of bad advice, but it just might prevent you from losing more of them in the future.


You Should Stay Behind the Ball

The first myth we would like to dispel for you is against those telling you to stand behind your golf ball. The origins of this misconception cannot be fully known but what we can say is that by following this horrible advice, you will be putting unwanted strain on your back and it will cause problems in your swing. Instead of doing this, you should allow your head to direct your upper body through the downswing and toward the target on impact.  Continue reading