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Golf Tips For The Beginner

If you have been contemplating golf and whether or not to start taking it up, we would love to encourage you to. If you feel intimidated by the professionals and how great they can make their shots, don’t sweat it! Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was their talent. You need a place to lay down a foundation so let us aid in this process by providing you with some golf tips for you beginners.


* You will probably want to start everything off at the driving range. Get a feel for the clubs, your stance and most importantly the correct golf swing. Don’t worry about perfecting everything here all at once. Just remember, you’re just getting a feel to start out.

* Some would suggest that you take private lessons but that can get pricey. Instead, why not go to people who know the golf basics and etiquette of the game and let them enjoy some outings with you while you learn? It might cost you the price of a beer or a soda, but what the heck right? Continue reading