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What you need to know about Golfing and Kayaking

Health is a term that is used to describe a holistic state of existence. Physical activity provides long-term health benefits that promote wellness. Engaging in physical activities enables your body to burn excess calories that are associated with ill health.

Sporting activities are the most common forms of physical activity. Taking part in sporting activities that are physical in nature promotes body agility and a sense of wholeness that comes with physical exercise. With a changing lifestyle, health that comes with sporting activities includes:

· Social health: this is where you interact with people during the sporting activities leading to satisfying healthy relationships.

· Mental health: These experiences promote mental health and growth.

· Emotional health: this is the ability to control emotions within social settings.

There are different types of sporting activities that can enhance the following attributes. These activities include kayaking and golfing.

Kayaking fitness – A Great Fitness Activity To Help Your Golf Game


Kayaking is a sporting activity that involves the movement across moving water or rivers. A kayak is a small boat powered by human skill and energy while navigating rough water spots. Kayaking is a sporting activity designed for racing and navigating rough water paths. Kayaks are designed to be highly stable in rough waters and rapids.  The Best Fishing Kayaks like the ones at, are a great piece of sporting equipment to help you get in shape and enjoy the outdoors at the same time.

In order to have a quality kayaking experience, it is important to have a certain level of fitness. Since kayaking entails having trips into the water, ensure that you are a competent swimmer. If it is necessary, you can also enhance your swimming skills and techniques.

Paddling fitness is important before you start kayaking. In essence, you need to condition your body to improve on your endurance. Some of the activities that enhance kayaking fitness include the following.  If you need some motivation, take your significant other and grab a tandem kayak like these here to help you get in shape with your partner.

· Back strengthening: These activities promote physical conditioning of the back before and during a kayaking exercise.

· Shoulder strengthening: these activities strengthen your arms. They loosen the shoulders and the areas that you will use when paddling.

· Forearm and wrist strengthening: these activities enhance your grip in rough waters. It is important to maintain a consistent regimen before you are fit for a kayaking exercise.

Golfing fitness

Golfing is sporting activity that enjoys global attention. This activity requires high level of precision and concentration. Golfing fitness requires training in order to generate power on the course. In order to achieve golfing fitness that gives you power to progress it is important to have a combination of lifting and flexible training regimens. To achieve an enhanced state of golfing fitness, it is important to include golf stretches in your fitness plan. In essence, golfing fitness enables you to achieve the following results.

· Mental composure: golfing is an activity that requires a heightened sense of mental composure and precision.

· Flexibility: golfing fitness regimens ensure that you are flexible as you move around in the golfing course. In addition, they also enhance the intensity of your swing.

· Reduce the risk of muscle tension that may lead to injuries.

Golfing and kayaking fitness requires a consistent approach to training. Before embarking on any of these activities, it is important to take time and research on the best fitness programs within your reach.

Appropriate Grooming for Private Golf Courses

It’s not often you’ll come across a heavily bearded fellow while watching or playing golf. Whether it’s just the type of people who play, or the standards set by the golf course itself, it’s a common sight to see clean shaven faces or at least very little facial hair on the greens. Moustaches and goatees seem to be common for the older generation of professional and casual golfers, while it’s looking like the younger players are sporting shorter stubble, clean faces, or soul patches. Whether this sounds like yourself, or you’re more of a full-bearded guy, we have some great suggestions for you to be able to keep your facial hair suitable and appropriate when going for a nice game of golf with your family and friends.

For guys with a full beard

A great option for keeping your beard full but not too long and unkempt looking is a trimmer that offers adjustable lengths. Generally speaking, you’re not going to get away with looking like Grizzly Adams on a private course. Having a groomed and presentable beard is going to get you a lot more respect honestly will give you more confidence in the game. If you’re constantly worrying about your beard getting in the way of your swing, of puffing out too much during the day, you’re not going to keep your mind where it needs to be. Something like the Panasonic ER-GB40-S trimmer is a great option for you. It has adjustable length built right into the unit, and a cordless design you can use anywhere. Another rival for the Panasonic unit is the Remington MB-200. It features the same things, however a longer length of up to 18mm. Anything with adjustable guards with a longer length is going to be a good option for you. Most of which also include an option to use it guardless to allow you to clean up any beard lines and neck lines. You’ll look sharp while your face stays warm.

Goatees, sideburns, mustaches and other detailing

Any units made by Wahl are going to give you the option for detailing and trimming. This is all you need to keep your precise facial hair looking good at all times. Wahl’s Peanut model is small but powerful. You can get the tougher areas like your neck line, side burns and behind the ears with no problems at all. Another great option is the Wahl 79300-400 Color Pro unit. It comes with a huge array of length guards, a heavy duty and sturdy motor and blades, and more accessories to keep it working perfectly and get the job done. You’ll be making perfect lines and staying sharp and groomed in no time.

Clean shaven

This look is pretty straightforward. Lather up with some shaving cream and go to town with a manual razor. However, not everyone is a huge fan of doing this. If you’re looking for an electric shaver to get the job done faster and easier, Philips Norelco’s QS6160 StyleRazor Pro and the BG2040/34 BodyGroom 7100 are two models that have both a trimming edge, and a foil shaver edge. You can trim up sideburns or your neckline with the trimmer, and keep your face super smooth with the shaver edge.

No matter what facial hair you grow, just keep presentable, approachable and groomed when you’re on the course. Private courses tend to have a few more appearance guidelines than casual courses.

Common Golfing Myths Debunked

Have you ever tried listening to golf advice and it completely destroyed your game instead of improving it? Yes, I’m sure many of us have been there more than once. This is why we’ve composed a small list of golf myths that need to be exposed for what they are. Unfortunately this list can’t bring back all those games you lost because of bad advice, but it just might prevent you from losing more of them in the future.


You Should Stay Behind the Ball

The first myth we would like to dispel for you is against those telling you to stand behind your golf ball. The origins of this misconception cannot be fully known but what we can say is that by following this horrible advice, you will be putting unwanted strain on your back and it will cause problems in your swing. Instead of doing this, you should allow your head to direct your upper body through the downswing and toward the target on impact.  Continue reading

How To Improve Your Golf Swing

Having a great deal of opportunity and money to play as much golf as you desire is a luxury many can afford while even more look on and shake their heads with envy. But regardless of how much occasion you have to hit the course there will always be room for improvement – especially where your golf swing is concerned. So do yourself a favor, stick around for a while and maybe you will learn a thing or two that can help you finally beat your golfing rivals.


* The first pointer that we’d like to give you to improve your golf swing is quite simple to do – take it easy. If you are getting frustrated and have truly forgotten that the reason you even play golf is to enjoy yourself, then you should be ashamed. When your hobbies start to feel too much like work then something about it needs to change and that something is probably, “you.” Continue reading

Golf Tips For The Beginner

If you have been contemplating golf and whether or not to start taking it up, we would love to encourage you to. If you feel intimidated by the professionals and how great they can make their shots, don’t sweat it! Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was their talent. You need a place to lay down a foundation so let us aid in this process by providing you with some golf tips for you beginners.


* You will probably want to start everything off at the driving range. Get a feel for the clubs, your stance and most importantly the correct golf swing. Don’t worry about perfecting everything here all at once. Just remember, you’re just getting a feel to start out.

* Some would suggest that you take private lessons but that can get pricey. Instead, why not go to people who know the golf basics and etiquette of the game and let them enjoy some outings with you while you learn? It might cost you the price of a beer or a soda, but what the heck right? Continue reading